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Thursday - October 22

This week feels like it has been a month long. Decompressing from the treatment regimen is taking a bit more energy than I anticipated. We finally got the home health people to show up yesterday for Michael's hydration infusion. Completely infuriating to deal with the agency (not showing up, not communicating) but wonderful nurse finally made it out. Michael will get these 3 times a week for two weeks. He is eating and drinking more (yogurt, chicken broth, and water) and is maybe starting to get a tiny bit of restful sleep. He has been doing what they told him and taking it really easy.

Alec is coming down this weekend to say hi and trade cars. So the Tesla will head back to Sunnyvale and we get Helga, the convertible back. It has been consistently overcast here this week but if the sun comes out we can take it for a spin around town.

Our solar panel installation has a been scheduled for November 5, so looking forward to that. Southern California Edison has two 9-hour power outages scheduled (10/28, 11/9) so I'm really looking forward to having battery back-up since the power is off here way more than it ever was in Pasadena or Seattle.

Wonderful to be home and the dogs are doing a good job of looking after us.

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Glad to hear about the panels. Glad too that Michael is getting the care he needs now that you have connected with a good nurse there in Santa Barbara.

We think about you both allot but figure you are busy trying to juggle work and all it takes to help Michael get better, so we have held back calling.

If you find there is a day you want to Zoom for a few minute, let us know.

Love you bunches,

Hug the girls for us.

Aurora and Paula

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