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Tuesday - October 20

Michael is done with treatment! Yesterday was a really long day. What was originally just his final radiation appointment turned into a hydration infusion, lab work, speech therapy, radiation, and a visit with the oncologist. He is still really hammered but I think they got through to him that this is normal. They said he will likely feel awful for another couple of weeks and then it will start to get better.

He brought home is radiation mask. Will become some kind of artwork here. And they have a ceremony when you finish radiation. He has a medal, a certificate, and he got to ring a big ships bell. City of Hope is really an amazing place.

He has a follow-up visit next week with the radiation oncologist, then November 10 with the original surgeon he met with, first week of December with the speech therapist, , but we won’t have the real results on the success of the treatment for 3 months. They do a PET scan then and see if anything is still glowing.

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