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Wed - Oct 14, Part 2

Another rough day but more help on the horizon. He needed a wheel chair after he got into the hospital to get to his radiation appointment. He has lost more than 10% of his body weight, so they would normally put in a feeding tube, but he is so close to the end of treatment they aren’t going to do that. He will get hydration and magnesium infusions on Friday and Monday (added to his final two appointments) and then they will do them at our house on M,W,F until he can get enough food and liquid in himself. We now understand what they were talking about when he was just pretty much his normal self through week five and they couldn’t believe it :)

This afternoon he has actually ingested more Gatorade than he did in the previous two days, and he looks better. He is walking around just fine here. The dehydration is maybe the biggest immediate obstacle. His normal blood pressure is so low that he doesn’t need anything else making it drop. Good this is he is very aware that this is a possibility and just sits down if he gets lightheaded.

Monday was to be just a 30 minute appointment (we would just drive over and back) and is now turning into a long day but I’ll get someone from work to come play with the dogs and feed so that we don’t need to do an overnight.

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What a journey you have both been on.

I can't imagine how hard this has to be.

Thank God he went into this as healthy as he has always been.

Our tour of duty is over, but not our dedication to helping wherever we can. Don't hesitate for an instant if we can help.

We love you both.

Hug the girls for us.

Paula and Aurora.

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