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Wednesday - September 9

The long weekend at home was rejuvenating. Michael just had radiation yesterday, and it is at least 25 degrees cooler in the San Gabriel Valley now than it was on the weekend. We went walking in Lacy Park in San Marino yesterday evening. Had been to that park once when Alec was in grade school.

Today is Michael's long day at the hospital. He does labs, sees the oncologist, does radiation, and then the 5-hour chemo infusion. Just talked to him and he is in the middle of the infusion. We are really glad we didn't rent a house in Monrovia or Duarte to stay for this and all of those areas are under an evacuation warning due to the Bobcat Fire. The Santa Ana winds haven't been as bad as predicted, and hopefully will stay that way. The evacuation zone goes all the way from Duarte to JPL. My friend Xiuqin, who I worked with at IPAC, made home dumplings which I picked up today after dropping Michael off.

Tomorrow is radiation around noon and then radiation Friday at 9:30, and we hit the road back to Santa Barbara. I'm actually getting work done but realistically at about the 50% level. I'm considering that a win.

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