Wednesday - August 19

It's been an interesting day. We got a call from the radiation oncologist that they are moving the start date out again from Aug 24 to Aug 31 for the radiation because they didn't have the biopsy results back for the lung biopsy they did last Friday. Later in the day we got the good news that the nodule on his lung is not cancer. So he qualifies for the treatment study and should find out by the end of the week if he does regular treatment (7 weeks radiation + chemo), shorter regular treatment, (6 weeks radiation + chemo), or 6 weeks radiation + immunotherapy which is the newest treatment course. It really should start August 31.

Aurora and Paula are coming out to see us this weekend to visit and learn all about the house, then they will be back August 30th before we head to their place for the first week for treatment. Michael is in very good spirits and Plan A is definitely to kill the cancer and get back to enjoying life in Santa Barbara full-time.


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