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Tuesday - September 15

We had a great weekend. Alec came down to visit. Our house is perfectly set-up for a socially distanced visit with good weather, space outside, space inside and flow through ventilation with front and back doors open. He brought 'bags of dirt' from the Rose Creek Mine which we mined for pretty rocks. We went to a mine in Australia when he was about ten. This was lots of fun. And some of the rocks fluoresce :). Will be using this as a future gift :)

Third chemo treatment was yesterday. Michael still handling it well. When we arrived at the hospital yesterday we were completely smoked in. Just awful. Better at Aurora and Paula's house and the little portable air filters are doing a great job. Much better air quality last night and today.

We had plans to do lots of cooking but instead are doing take-out from our favorite Thai Restaurant and some cooking. All food still tastes good to Michael, which is great.

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