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Thursday - September 3

We are already on treatment day 4. Day 1, Monday, was really long (8 hours at the hospital) as it included the first 5-hour chemo infusion, the first radiation treatment, and lab/doctor visits. That will only happen once a week now. The rest of the days are radiation only which is less than an hour total. Michael was feeling really good (just tired) until this morning when he first felt a little nauseous. He has drugs to help with that. He is doing a great job of getting lots of protein and liquids, which are what the dietician says are the most important, and lots of sleep.

Yesterday afternoon we took a walk at the Huntington Garden, which was lovely. We aren't walking like we usually do with the dogs so need to figure out a better plan for regular walks.

I got him a FitBit for his birthday so he can track his sleep patterns. He has radiation this afternoon at 2pm and tomorrow at 9am, and then we'll head back to Santa Barbara for the long weekend.

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We know the girls are thrilled to have their Humans back. Get some rest, you both need down time. We love you. Give us a call when you are up to it. We MISS you very much.

We look for you on our drive back and forth on the freeway...we are now "Two Ships Crossing".

Going to have to have two flags made for our cars so we can see each other better... hehehe

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