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Sunday - October 4

Last Friday was the hardest day so far. Michael was just flattened. The treatment disrupts his sleep, so he isn't getting any deep sleep. That is the biggest hurdle. Yesterday he was pretty slow but improved throughout the day and is again better today. Happy that the last chemo is tomorrow as he really has reached mile 23 of this marathon. He is being bothered by some of the more annoying side effects (the mucus in your throat gets thicker which makes you feel like gagging) but he is using all the things they recommended to ease that. I'm pushing multiple tiny meals and Gatorade as he just doesn't want to eat a whole meal anymore. Good thing is food still tastes good.

We've figured out how to watch the French Open tennis tournament as well (Peacock channel), so that provides a nice diversion. And the dogs provide lots of healing energy. Only two more weeks, plus one day, to go!

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