Saturday - Sept 5

Michael was really feeling the chemo Thursday and Friday but woke up this morning feeling pretty much like a human being. We took the dogs to the beach early and it was wonderful. Several porpoise playing right out in front of the beach. Staying at Aurora and Paula's place during the week is perfect for the treatment commute, but it is wonderful to be able to be home on the weekends with the dogs and less stifling heat. Michael is now regularly taking the anti-nausea medication which helps. He said the weirdest thing is that even when he feels nauseous, if I fix a meal it tastes good to him. So we are keeping him fed and focusing on high protein meals. The US Open tennis tournament is underway so we have tennis to watch this afternoon.

Next week he starts again with radiation on Tuesday, Sept 8 and his chemo is Wednesday, Sept 9, and then back to Monday's the following week. So could be a tough weekend with the chemo rounds only 5 days apart. They will be weekly after that on Mondays.

5 treatments down, 30 more to go!


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