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Monday, October 12

The weekend was hard as Michael was just exhausted. I took the girls to the beach both mornings and he stayed home. He is only eating small smoothies. Today, in addition to his radiation treatment, they gave him a magnesium infusion. His labs showed it was low and apparently the symptoms are tiredness, muscle weakness, and no appetite which describes exactly how he feels. We also picked up a Mg supplement on the way home at the drug store that he can take. He is still pretty flattened, but they said his 'tumor state' is excellent, which I assume means that all of this is working.

The most bothersome thing for him, besides the exhaustion, is that at this point it the process, the radiation makes the mucus in your nose and throat really thick, which is making him gag. We picked up some over the counter medicine to help with that as well.

Today was tough for me as I had meetings scheduled around Michael's appointments, which is normal, but the hospital ended up hours behind. Since this is week 7 I guess I shouldn't be surprised to have one day that is a complete train wreck, schedule-wise. That is actually pretty impressive in retrospect. He is 86% of the way through the treatment. Just 5 more radiation appointments to go.

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