Monday - Aug 24

Well it is still two steps forward, one step back. After thinking we were all set-up for the radiation/immunotherapy track for the treatment, the radiation oncologist called Friday afternoon and said the principal investigator of the study had determined Michael didn't qualify. Nothing has changed in terms of data. They just hadn't looked closely enough at the details. The location of the impacted lymph node in Michael's neck puts him outside the study parameters. So no immunotherapy today (one less trip to City of Hope). The standard track radiation/chemotherapy, which is the tried and true treatment that works, starts next Monday, so not a bad option at all. It's quite nice to have a week with no appointments.


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Sunday - September 27

Michael was still feeling pretty tired on Friday, but he had an early appointment so we were home by noon which felt like an extra day at home. Alec dropped in this weekend. He was doing a motorcycl

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