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Monday Aug 17

Friday was a REALLY long day. It turns out the lung biopsy was a 5.5 hour procedure, not 2 hours which is what we thought. They have to take X-rays afterwards, then wait 2 hours to do it again, to make sure the lung isn't collapsing. Was all fine - just an awful day to be in the San Gabriel Valley with the heat and fires in the mountains. But we were driving the Tesla, which was wonderful, and it makes a great air-conditioned office. I also figured out where the Library is at City of Hope, which is another place to hang out.

And we used the auto-pilot on the 101 in traffic on the way home and it is a marvel. So much less stressful than dealing with that traffic on your own. And the dogs were just fine after having been left alone all day. Dinner was 2 hours late but they survived :)

Michael is out at COH again this morning for hopefully the last prep appointment before treatment starts next Monday afternoon. Aurora and Paula arrive here Saturday afternoon and we will be at their house, south of Pasadena, Monday - Thursday night next week, and for the following 5-6 weeks.

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Fantastic news. We will see you both soon. Aurora and Paula

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