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Friday - September 18

Michael was really exhausted yesterday, which we now understand is 'normal' for Thursday after chemo on Monday. Happened the first week too, and that was even harder. We took the Tesla to the Supercharger last night and walked around the Paseo in Pasadena, which he would have found impossible in week 1. So he is doing really well. At the hospital they keep expecting him to look worse than he does. He looks just fine.

We are anxious to get home but they just called and one of the radiation machines broke, so today's appointment moved to this afternoon :( They do an amazing job of juggling all this stuff. Would plan another walk but it's pretty hot out. Air quality has improved substantially, which is a definite plus. And weather forecast for next week is in the 80s! Just discovered we can get tickets to Huntington today, so will go for a walk in the gardens :)

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