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First Post • August 11

I've set up this blog to give updates on our status as we navigate Michael's treatment at City of Hope.

Michael is out at City of Hope this morning and will hopefully get the exact start date sorted out today for his treatment. We are expecting radiation + chemotherapy, five days a week, for 6-7 weeks. He has volunteered or a study where he would either get

  1. traditional treatment: radiation + chemo for 7 weeks

  2. shorter traditional treatment: radiation + chemo for 6 weeks

  3. shorter new treatment: radiation + immunotherapy for 6 weeks

What they are doing today is a CAT scan of his lungs. They saw a small nodule that none of the doctors think is anything bad, but to be eligible for the study they need to be positive.

Plan A is we are going to trade houses with Aurora and Paula during the week. They will stay with the dogs in Santa Barbara M-F and we'll stay in South Pasadena, then come home on the weekends. We are using Alec's TESLA for the commute.

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