August 12 - Wednesday

They did a CT scan yesterday of the nodule on Michael's lungs, and no one thinks it is cancer. He also got to talk the surgeon, Dr. Ellie Maghami, who saw him originally. He was worried that he was having new pain in his throat and that the cancer had spread. She said everything looks the same as it did two weeks ago and the tissue is just irritated since they did the biopsies. All the doctors agree on the radiation+chemo treatment plan.

Michael sees Dr. Sagus Sampath, the radiation oncologist, on Thursday to finish the detailed planning for the radiation treatment, and he will start 5-day-a-week treatments on Monday, August 24.

Michael is getting some dental work completed this week in Santa Barbara. They said the radiation gives you dry mouth so you get any dental issues taken care of in advance. Our dentist said he is taking care of 6 patients doing radiation treatment, so is familiar with the process.


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